The Monarch Alliance


Current Projects

Thomas Kennedy Memorial Park Garden

The Monarch Alliance has established a funding site on Crowdrise to raise $3000 for native plants and shrubs that our volunteers will plant in a ten-foot band around the plaza at Thomas Kennedy Memorial Park and Plaza in Hagerstown, MD.  The City of Hagerstown will be planting native American Hornbeam trees at the outer edge of that strip.  The plat and memorial sculpture of Thomas Kennedy are shown below.  

Thomas Kennedy was a 19th Century political figure who sought legislation to remove religious obstacles to running for office in the state of Maryland.  He was eventually successful, when the “Jew bill” passed and was signed into law.  The state gives an annual award to the person deemed to represent Kennedy’s values.

The memorial sculpture will be designed by Antonio “Toby” Mendez, an internationally respected sculptor, who lives in Washington County, MD.

Botanist, Ann Aldrich, designed the landscape, using all native plants, shrubs and trees.  The landscape, when completed, will be unique in our region showing the compatibility of cultural parks with all native plantings.  We think it will add to the draw of the memorial plaza and park.