Grasshopper Sparrow Join PVAS each spring to see how many birds you can see and hear  in 24 hours within PVAS's service area.
 You can create your own team, or join an existing team to tour the  region in search of as many birds as you can find.
 If you prefer to stay in one place, you can also participate in a "Big  Sit." In this case you count as many bird species as possible within a  fifty-foot diameter circle of your choosing within the 24-hour period.

You can now support your favorite team and Stauffer's Marsh at the same time through a pledge or donation.  Line up your friends and relatives to pledge or donate in support of your team, too!  You can make a pledge or donation online.

The dates for 2015 are May 2-3!
It's easy to be a part of the Birdathon!
  • Register your Birdathon or Big Sit Teams.
  • You can support your favorite Birdathon or Big Sit Teams!
  • If there is a problem, please contact Krista, telling your name, team name, other team members' names and whether you are doing the Birdathon or the Big Sit.
For more information about this year's events,  contact Krista Hawley

See these files for further details:

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